I highly recommend Edge yoga.

"I have been going there for few weeks and I love it. I have tried a couple yoga studios in the area in the past. I love this studio particularly because its small and so doesn't feel like a boot camp, plus you get individual attention from the instructors. So far i have taken classes with Mark, Nikki, Sabina and Rebecca. They all have their own styles which is great since it doesn't feel repetitive.
If you are looking for a studio that truly embodies yoga, try this out.
Conveniently located a block from courthouse metro and few blocks from Clarendon metro."


Sapna R. March 4th, 2012

I love the more athletic type of yoga and they hit the mark

I've been going to Edge Yoga for about 5 years and love, love, love it!!! I've tried other yoga studios in the DC area, but none of them measure up. I love the more athletic type of yoga and they hit the mark. Mark's classes will kick your butt and Nikki's classes are just awesome! I'm a happy yogi... 🙂

Cat M. Ocotber 17, 2012

I like a hard athletic workout and that's what I get from Mark at Edge

I had been doing yoga about two years when I found Edge Yoga.  I like a hard athletic workout and that's what I get from Mark at Edge. His classes are always challenging even for Yoga 1. However, he is always supportive and extremely clear in his instructions. One of my favorite things about his classes are that they are always fresh and interesting. Mark has an amazing ability to create complicated sequences that flow from one to the other . He is also knowledgeable enough to explain poses thoroughly and give tips to doing them successfully. In addition, he somehow manages to add a freshness to the yoga experience. I have been going to Edge for 5 years, and Mark still manages to slip in a pose that I have never done before. I spent many years as a teacher and as a supervisor of teachers, and I can say uniquivically that Mark is an outstanding instructor. He has the winning combination of being able to give helpful criticism in a warm, supportive way. As he walks around the class, he can use a gentle touch to direct you into improving your pose. I can't recommend his classes highly enough.

Janice S. January 29, 2009

I love that Mark's style isn't too eastern and philosophical

I always thought yoga was stupid or silly or a complete waste of time. I thought it was for people who didn't want a "real" work out. Then I decided to try it once at Edge Yoga and I was amazed. After my first few sessions I couldn't believe how sore I was even though I workout almost every day. I thought I had good body awareness until coming here and trying to follow along. The instructors are very hands on and helpful with correcting poses in a way I haven't seen in many other yoga classes. There always seems to be something you can do to improve your pose and they help you with it.

The also do a good job working with multiple levels in a single class. Start with something easy (well...ish anyway) and if you feel up to it they show you the more advanced techniques as well.

Now, I go to yoga as an active rest from my more demanding physical activities and if it weren't for this class, I would need more massage and chiropractic adjustments.

I love that Mark's style isn't too eastern and philosophical. He's also a strength and conditioning coach so instead of telling you to "reach for the sun" or some other yoga-ey phrase, he tells you things like "relax your glutes", "activate your hamstrings", etc. Much more direct and easy to follow instructions. You'll quickly find yourself doing balances you never dreamed you could under his careful instruction.

Jen F. March 6, 2012

I've learnt to love yoga, partly thanks to Edge Yoga

I've never been much of a yogi and I've tried yoga multiple times but I have to admit that I've learnt to love yoga, partly thanks to Edge Yoga. I just love the instructors and the different levels that each of them offers. I always end up leaving happy no matter the class I'm leaving. Mark's class is definitely the hardest one, even for beginners - I just sweat non-stop and it doesn't help that he is cute and I don't want to disappoint! Haha! Seriously, the location is just so great for me and I'm so happy that I have found this spot. Just an FYI - the weekend classes with Mark are normally really packed so if you're a beginner try the less intensive classes with Sabina or Nikki during the week.

I also love that I can schedule everything online and pay online too - it's just makes everything so convenient. And the instructors remember your name after one class. Doesn't get any better than this.

Natasha K March 6, 2011

Definitely my little oasis in Courthouse!

If you want a GREAT workout with less OMs and no incense - Edge is the place to go. Mark's classes are the most challenging and rewarding I've ever taken in the DC area. The space is small but you receive great individual attention and the bartending school noise is minimal. Definitely my little oasis in Courthouse!

Sarah F January 26, 2012

I highly recommend trying out this studio

If you are driving too quickly you may not notice this yoga studio on the second floor of another business (a bartending school). Specializing in Vinyasa Flow, Anusara & Integral yoga styles, the yoga class I took here, instructed by Mark, kicked my a$$. My BF had never taken a yoga class before, which admittedly was part of the fun - watching him struggle so. Mark was helpful and his instructions were very descriptive. When poses were done incorrectly he was quick to correct you. The studio was HOT though, really hot, but it just made the sweat all the better. I highly recommend trying out this studio - I'll definitely be back despite the pain memory I have of the day after!

Jennifer S. September 8, 2006

Challenging and rewarding!

Challenging and rewarding!  Was in the area from out of town and was happy to find this place on Yelp.  Mark is very knowledgeable and takes the time to correct postures and alignment, more so than any other yoga studio I've been to.  I attended two classes and felt amazing afterward (took my athletic bf to the second one and he loved it as well).  Will definitely be back when I'm in town!  Felt more welcomed there than at Down Dog and wasn't charged extras for using one of their mats.  No chanting, less vinyasa than I'm used to, but I think I may have liked it even better than my traditional Vinyasa flow classes.

Julie D. February 18, 2013

No studio makes me keep wanting to go back as much as edge yoga does

i live in DC and have tried many yoga studios in the area, but no studio makes me keep wanting to go back as much as edge yoga does.  i don't know how he does it, but mark always offers a practice that is both tranquil and incredibly challenging at the same time. he's an inspiring yoga teacher who makes precise adjustments that many other yoga teachers miss (i learn something new about a pose every time i go to his classes). mark definitely offers a great workout -- i just wish he taught more classes throughout the week!

Jane J January 21, 2014

Edge Yoga is AMAZING!

Edge Yoga is AMAZING! Mark is a fantastic teacher and his classes will kick your butt. Edge took me from a casual, once-in-a-while yogi to a complete addict going regularly. Mark and Rebecca's classes are my favorite, highly recommend!

Alison J. January 2, 2014

If you're looking for a simple but awesome, no-frills space, this is it

Quite a selection of yoga exists in the Clarendon-Courthouse corridor and you're bound to find one that suits you.  If you're looking for a simple but awesome, no-frills space, this is it.

I've only taken Mark's classes but find them to be a perfect balance of challenge, simplicity, and invigoration.  He's a solid teacher who's welcoming but not over-the-top or pushy.  He works with you individually so you really feel like you're learning something and improving with his teaching.   Awesome.  Highly recommended teacher, especially for the power vinyasa loving yogi/athlete who desires a simple but well-rounded detailed practice.

Kate P. March 21, 2013

I've been attending classes at Edge Yoga for over two years

I've been attending classes at Edge Yoga for over two years.  The instructors are great and know their stuff.  The studio space is small and unassuming, which is just fine with me, as I don't need a fancy yoga space, just solid instructors.  Classes are reasonably priced and Mark was kind enough to extended one of my prepaid passes when I did not use it by the expiration date.

M.S. February 26, 2014

This was the first place I ever learned to practice yoga

Small, quaint, but very great place to learn yoga.  This was the first place I ever learned to practice yoga, and Mark and his team, taught me so much.  There are no frills, and each teacher has their own style.  If you are brand new, I recommend going to Allison's night class, as she takes time to teach you how to breathe and how to do the moves in the proper way.  She goes slow, but it's worth it starting out since her class is so small.  If you want a strong workout, to sweat your pants off and are a newbie, try any of Mark's classes.  His Yoga 1 is basically a Yoga 2... But the combo of the various styles allows you to get a feel for what you like and pushes your practice. I very much recommend this studio!  Buy the 10-class pass; its a great value.  Namaste!

Kati R October 21, 2013

I credit Edge Yoga with taking my practice to the next level

Last month, I moved 3 hours away from the DC area, effectively ending my visits to Edge Yoga.  Not being able to take Mark and Rebecca's classes any more makes me a little sad. They are awesome!

Mark is a challenging teacher. I really appreciated his consistent focus on form and gentle adjustments to alignment. He offers an incredible workout. I agree with someone else's comment that his beginner classes are not really for beginners. His classes are always packed so you have to be comfortable having your mat 6 inches from your neighbor.

Rebecca is fun - she plays rock and roll music! - and a very open person.  She (safely) encourages students to push up against their own boundaries. She likes inversions a bit more than I do but thanks to her, I'm more adventurous on that front now!

I credit Edge Yoga with taking my practice to the next level. I highly recommend this studio despite its small size and the lack of parking.  As some others have noted, you hardly notice the bartending school next door once yoga class starts. In addition to the great instruction, I appreciate the way Mark runs his business - he is very customer focused.

Stacey B. Spetember 27th, 2013

Edge Yoga is the best, in my opinion

I feel like I have been to every single yoga studio in DC and VA.   Edge Yoga is the best, in my opinion.    And this comes without a doubt.   The panoply of teachers is amazing - you get your core/power training with Mark (he usually changes up the poses to surprise you - plus he is superb with coming around and helping you to obtain the perfect pose), your emotional/spiritual experience with Sabina and Sasha-Vanessa (both wonderful instructors to start with if you are new to  yoga)  and your completely hilarious, wonderful well-rounded yoga experience with Rebecca ( oh, and she will kick your butt in the athletic department!!!!).   There is also a superb instructor named Nikki who will lead you through fast and fun yoga poses with modifications for all levels.  So, basically, there's everything for everyone.    It's my favorite studio.    I go here even though I live in DC.  There's a reason.   It's not a yoga mill like other studios.   Plus, I'm almost 40.  And this studio has given me a limber body that most 25 year olds covet.

Shaun T. February 15th, 2011

Mark's classes especially are AWESOME

Small, no frills, and non pretentious studio - I love it. Mark's classes especially are AWESOME - lots of binds and twists. If you're an athlete and looking for a yoga class that will stretch you out but also give you a great workout, try his! The Saturday morning class he teaches is the hardest (you'll be sweating!), but even his Yoga 1 class is hard -- definitely not for beginners.

Anne M. May 10th, 2013