Class Descriptions

“Drop-ins” are welcomed & encouraged at all of our classes!!!

At Edge Yoga we do not require our students to sign up for class sessions at a particular time or with a single teacher. We encourage students to drop in to any class that is appropriate to their hatha yoga experience & physical capability.

The studio is heated and generally between 80 F to 90 F degrees, and is definitely more humid in spring & summer months. We therefore suggest bringing a sweat towel & water, and wearing non cotton breathable fabrics.

Edge Yoga is a “power” yoga based studio, that focuses its classes on the development of strength, mobility & balance, to execute more advanced asanas. The descriptions appear in the order of general difficulty & represents a standard progression.

Yoga Foundations

Our Yoga Foundations class takes a slower methodical approach to setting up our fundamental/foundational asanas (postures), developing the body awareness and strength through repetition & longer hold times for the postures.

Our foundations class is the perfect place for someone to start who is new to yoga that wants to take the time to learn how to safely and effectively execute our basic postures.

Yoga I (Yoga I)

Our level one class intensity level does vary depending on the teacher and class size and ability. In our level one classes our instruction focuses on body alignment & the development of strength and body awareness within each student. These classes are still physically challenging even for an advanced practitioner and focus on movement, balance & strength.

Mixed Level Yoga (Yoga II)

Is appropriate for most experienced/intermediate practitioners, and assume the student has had exposure to hatha yoga. The instructors will provide a series of asana modifications allowing even the more advanced practitioner a challenge. These classes are still moderately difficult and are physically challenging.

Mixed Level Yoga I/II (Yoga III)

Yoga I/II classes are faster paced and assume a deep understanding of the foundational asana. In our I/II classes we begin to explore setting up more advanced asana including headstands, forearm balances and handstands variations and transitions. We also explore arm balances and transitions between them while developing the strength and body awareness to safely execute and transition between these more advanced asana. This is considered an advanced intermediate to advanced class, instructor permission is suggested before taking this class.

“Power Yoga” (Yoga IV)

Our Power Yoga classes represent a mixture of different styles, but are similar in intensity to an advanced Ashtanga class. These classes move quickly and are physically demanding. Our Power Yoga classes focus on developing the strength to perform advanced asana execution, with a focus on binding, arm balances & inversions. Students taking a “Power Yoga” class should have an understanding of body alignment in hatha yoga postures and heightened body awareness & strength. Prior yoga experience is required. INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION STRONGLY SUGGESTED.

Studio Policies & Online Reservations:
Students are encouraged to arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of class.

Students are encouraged to sign up online through our online reservation system to reserve a spot in a class, a spot can be reserved up to 5 minutes before the scheduled start of class, at which point the spot can be surrendered to another drop-in student. Any reservations that are not canceled will be charged to the students account.

Even with an online reservation our teachers reserve the right to refuse entrance to any student that arrives after the start of class.

Edge Yoga LLC is also associated with two seperate semi private strength and conditioning facilities, that offer one on one and small group sports conditioning, programming and nutritional services. Visit us at or email us at