Welcome to Edge Yoga!
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Welcome to Edge Yoga!
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Welcome to Edge Yoga!
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Edge Yoga is a well established local studio offering a variety of classes and styles.

c3Edge Yoga is a well established local yoga studio that offers a diversity of classes and teaching styles appropriate for a beginner to advanced practitioner.

We encourage our students to experiment with the various disciplines and individual teaching styles of our instructors. We also encourage our students to follow our instructors to other studios in D.C. and northern Virginia where they teach, to further experiment with other styles and philosophies.

c2Our instructors are trained in a variety of sub disciplines of hatha yoga including Vinyasa (flow of breath with movement), Iyengar, Anusara, & Ashtanga, to name a few. Our instructors are encouraged to explore and incorporate any styles/disciplines of yoga into their classes. The individual instructor’s teaching style represents his or her individuality and spirit.

Checkout our Mind Body Online Reservation System for an up to date teaching schedule, all substitutions, workshops and class cancelations.